when you or someone farts around a person drinking water. the water is automatically considered fart water. this is because water evaporates and also gets tainted by the air. the water is usually not always no less good.
*person A farts and contaminates the surrounding air with their gas*
*person B takes a drink of water with their mouth wide open*
*person A says: "haha you just drank fart water!! HAHAHA"*
*person B swallows carelessly"
by the scene queen September 10, 2009
Top Definition
when you fart in a pool, hot tub, bathtub, etc. causing a stinky bubble bath.
"Dude, I had horrible gas last night when we were in the hot tub. We were soaking in fart water!"
by Zinzara July 05, 2009
Water or liquid that leaks from you ass hole when you fart. This causes you underwear to get wet or damp. It's not shit.......its fart water!
My fart water left a wet patch on the back of my boxers!
by Carpet Bagger September 10, 2015
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