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Also known as a "fart can", this makes a car sound like a piece of crap and adds nothing to the area of performance.
Check out my civic with flame decals, and my exhaust sounds badass because of my fart tube.
by J-Browns March 07, 2006
A type of exhaust system that ricers install on their cars. The muffler creates a low rumble which is intended to imitate the sound of a powerful engine, but the sound more resembles a fart.
Look at that sorry excuse for a car with the fart tube!
by GameboyRMH November 27, 2004
A tube connecting one's anus to another's nose. Variation on 'Fart Mask'.
If I stick a tube from another man's anus to my nose, does it make me gay?

Somethin's brewin'. Fancy a Fart Tube?
by Farttubemmkay December 08, 2009
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