The fart cushion effect occurs when you fart into a pillow or any other type of cushion. The cushion absorbs the farts for a while, but then if weight is applied later on, the cushion squeezes out the fart stench.
I totally tricked that girl into coming into my room, and then I smothered her with my fart cushion until she passed out.
by poopfetish April 10, 2012
Top Definition
A fart cushion is a pillow used to muffle the sound of a fart, much in the same way that in movies pillows are sometimes used as makeshift gun silencers by assassins.

In a situation where the sound of a fart is deemed inappropriate or embarassing, one might grab the nearest available cushion, press it tightly against the buttocks and release the intestinal gasses. It should be noted that a fart pillow will generally not mask the smell of a fart, even though it will absorb some of it.
"When my supervisor left the room, I immediately grabbed a fart cushion and released the gasses I had been painfully suppressing during our conversation."
by Baby-Fark McGee-Zax June 16, 2009
A fart cusion is like a pin cushion, You just fart into it!
I use my fart cushion alot.
by poopylongstockings September 02, 2006

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