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A small country in the north west corner of europe, midway between iceland and scotland. they are inhabited by vikings. Or more exactly those who seeked more adventure than the average scandinavian.
While the average scandinavian was farming the real vikings sailed west in stormy weater and reached faroe islands, iceland and greenland. Being a small country doesn't automaticaly mean that there must be much inbreeding.
There live about 48000 people there and more and more are moving there.
Faroe islands have some nordic records.:

Fewest suicides
Highest Fertility rate
Lowest unimployment
Fewest abortions
Fewest divortions

faroe islands nordic
by Autobeast December 18, 2007
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A small country in the middle of the North Atlantic sea under the kingdom of Denmark with only 48.000 inhabitants and over 100.000 sheeps. Faroe Island is known for legally killing whales in the summer and not giving a sh*t about what the world thinks about it.

People from any other country: "Where are you from?"
Faroe Islander: "Faroe Islands"
People from any other country: "Where?!?"
Faroe Islander: "Faroe Islands"
People from any other country: "Where is that?"
Faroe Islander: "Denmark"
People from any other country: "Ahh okay"
Faroe Islands is the most beautiful country in the world.
by FaroeFighter October 04, 2015
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It is a small "country" consisting of a few islands and even fewer people. A lot of sheep. Genetic diseases are 30% more normal due to inbreeding. Half of the people are fanatically Christian while the other half are fanatically atheist. Very interesting.... Come to the Faroe Islands but don't live there!
Faroe Islands is the greatest.
by RochelleWag March 29, 2006
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Small group of islands out of nowhere. Population consists mainly of inbred peasants who migrated from Denmark. They are know for killing endangered whales, having sex with sheeps, having a high level of genetic diseases due to the inbreeding, and being getting extremely butthurt when someone reminds them that they are not a independent country, but are actually a part of the greater Denmark.

In just about 100 years. The population has been inbreeding from 100 settlers. To almost 50000 now.
"I've heard that people from the Faroe Islands are inbred, stupid and crybabies"
"That's true"
by Faroese May 14, 2016
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