A derivation of the word Farnworth, a little cess-pit town in between Salford and Bolton.
Farny is to dignity, class and refinement, as Julian Clary is to cage fighting.
People famous from farny are, Alan Ball, Frank Finlay, and Hilda Baker.
Farny women wear mini skirts, white stilletoes and boob tubes, well into their sixties, a case of mutton dressed as mutton.
The men are all gangster wannabee's who are pisshead loosers, who beat women as a hobby.
Farny men are soft arse, scruffy, big toothed, bald headed,drunken shithouses, who feign disability, for beer money.
They all drive without tax and insurance, and have o.a.p.'s bungalows in their early forties, because they have drink related health problems.
Farny park, Farny precinct, Farny jobcentre, everything in Farnworth, is "farny" to the locals.
As in..."ey up chuck, when we"ve been "t" jobcenntre fot get ower dole munny, shall we tek sum cider int farny park".
As you can tell, farny locals have a hillybilly accent, indigenous only to them.
Farnworth is the bowels of hell.
by fiesty August 09, 2007
Top Definition
far out funny; when something is so far out and funny at the same time.
"Beckman would look good wearing a toilet bowl on his head!"
"That is farny man."
by nid2p August 31, 2009
One who seems to travel either on bicycle or be jeep. Never sleeps and seems to live in the darkness at all times
Also can be used to name items belonging to them ex. farnpack (backpack). Tends to live in the dark.
Dude that farny kid is always on the bike even in the rain.
by GEOiv March 20, 2010
To be far away. A bastardization of Boonies+ Far = Farnies.
My dorm room is in the farnies.
by Crystal Acuna October 10, 2004
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