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Somebody who is as retarded as a farm animal, usually connected with sheep or pigs.
Stop copying me, farmtard!
by Madmarkus April 19, 2005
A Derogatory term used to compare either; a) Someones intelligence to that of an animal or, b) Someones behaviour and/or character flaws similar to that of an animal.

Alternatively Tib is a Farmtard to those who know him.
a) "Don't be stupid Farmtard."
b) "Hey Farmtard, want a troth?"
by James Reynolds May 07, 2005
Someone who is obsessed with the Facebook game, Farmville and constantly annoying others with requests to help him with his farm.
"Can you believe this guy has been playing Farmville for 10 hours? What a farmtard."
by Drazilyob February 03, 2010

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