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Small town in texas about 45 miles from dallas.
small texas town with a population of 3000
by me November 02, 2004
a small town near visalia, ca in the central valley. Only about 12,000 ppl live there and the majority is mexicans/gangs/low-income families. Main attraction: The dollar store one of only 5 chain stores/fast food in the entire town. yay farmersville.
she's desperately un-cultured. she must be from farmersville.
by marthalynnbaby April 09, 2008
A small village in Eastern Ontario Canada -- now known as Athens. Population 2006 -- 1,000 -- in the Township of Athens.
Famersville was a small farming community established in the mid-1800s. Today it is called Athens. Residents of Farmersville didn't like the name and renamed the village Athens -- having higher aspirations for future generations.
by Maddy1 September 23, 2006