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An uncommonly used Australian slang word, meaning female farmer. Perfect for that rare situation when trying to differentiate the gender of a farmer.
A BnS is an esteemed and age-old tradition where young farmers and farmerettes meet up for line dancing and swag sharing.
by Straya m6+2 April 17, 2016
A Canadian word (mostly Ontario and the Anglophone portion of Quebec). Denotes a girl/young woman who works on a farm. The term was common before the Quiet Revolution, but is not very common today, although it is still heard occasionally.
(said while reading letter)"Ah, c____ce! My brother Henri dropped out of college to marry that farmerette Margot. I can't believe it! Does he even realize what he's doing, and what he's giving up? Ah, tab___ac! Sac__ment!
by JCEG December 10, 2006
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