"Johns" in search of street prostitutes willing to perform various sexual acts involving defecation and (if desired) coprophagia.
Man, I hate when farmers hit the streets and come to me for favors. Why can't I please these guys with some "vanilla" sex once in a while?
by Sniderg June 20, 2006
A vicious inbred person, who is worse then a dentist.
Budgie : My house is just past those fields, we'll take a short cut.
James : You gotta be kidding that farmer will bum and shoot us for breathing on his land.
by nobrash October 06, 2005
1. A hard-working individual who grows food and raises animals
2. Slang for penis
1. See that farmer? Respect him.
2. That creep wants to see my farmer.
by hototreeyay April 25, 2015

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