Is a term used in assosiation with MMORPG. This is a person who play the game with the primary pourpose of making real life profit. They do this by farming money and items in game and then turn around and sell them on the internet for real life cash. To aid in there farming farmers usually use third party programs and camp out specific location in the game for a long period of time.
It's getting harder to find a good place to level with all the dam farmers everywhere.
by ReaperMage September 13, 2005
Pseudo cockney rhyming slang for hemorrhoids. Short for Farmer Giles.
Tom: My farmers were giving me some jip this morning.

Bill: Serves you right, you rarf, you shouldn't have had the indyboo after 14 pints of lager.
by growlerj December 31, 2012
Mid-western slang used to replace the F word. Most notable in the expression "melon-farmer." Similar to frick.
Jim came over to my place last night and drank all my beer, what a farmer.
by a.hack October 16, 2009
(Noun) Mark Ethans; One who wears flannel all the time and doesn't make any sense. ever.
hey mark ethans you're such a farmer
by markethansyeah February 12, 2011
To farmer something is to fix something in a basic and frugal manner, preferably using a material such as baling twine or wire.
Hey Jim, is your truck working?

Of course, I farmered the wheel back on with some duct tape and barb wire
by Jimmyboyfamer October 20, 2010

Used to describe Nortenos by Surenos because of the red colors nortes wear.

Also because little white boys claiming XIV look like farm boys when wearing their colors.
Look at them bitch ass farmers ese, let's burn their flag and fuck all their hoes.

Man i dont like them x4 busters, nothin but faggot farmers ese.
by tremctokemoore January 04, 2010
An individual, in the eyes of an urbanite, who resides in a rural area regardless of occupation.
"I can tell he's a farmer by the way he dresses."
Honk, honk. "Get off the road and back in the fields, you fucking farmer!"
by Dick Splash 2 June 13, 2009
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