(verb) to farm ~ to plough the land and sow the seed
I am going to farm the shit out of you.
by plank February 06, 2012
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to camp in and area in a video game with the aim of collecting large amounts of gold or items
I farmed the map for five hours and made 540k gp
by Thomas Gray May 25, 2006
In Gaming: (verb) to farm; to stay in one specific place in order to aquire more of a certain item or money. On certain games it can be said to "farm honor."
Player 1 "I need to go to the the other zone to farm primals for my weapon, see you later!"

Player 1 "Man this kid has been here killing other players for hours. He must really need to farm honor!"
by roxyhrt March 22, 2007
A fat arm
"Look at my farm in this photograph"
"That girls farm looks like a ham joint"
by Pretel crew February 06, 2013
Short for "frontier arms" or the condition of having giant meat slab like triceps built up from common household tasks on the range. "Farms" are mostly found unexpectedly on otherwise reasonably proportioned woman. "Farms" usually indicate a girl who will grow fat as life progresses.
Dude, that chick you nailed last night was a chub. She had cankles and farms!
by chubby chaser February 01, 2007
Another word for vagina
No hair on the arm, no hair on the farm

That girl is so tight, nothing gets into her farm
by farmlover268 October 23, 2012
When somebody attempts or pushes you into handing over specific low cost but high volume items of your belongings, whilst retaining their own belongings for themselves. Cigarettes are a prime targeted object to be farmed.

Ext; for an individual to farm ones crops; to smoke and gather ones cannabis plants

Ext 2; In some instances the farm can be easily confused with to plough ones wares from ones own storage cupboard in ones own house
Ex: "Blud, i aint got no gret man! man got farmed hard by dat boy joe u no.."

Ex 2: "Blud, we had bare draw.. but since that boy joe ploughed through and farmed everything we aint got shit.."
by LeClerk December 14, 2009
A farm is a collection of computer servers usually maintained by an enterprise to accomplish server needs far beyond the capability of one machine.
A common use of server farms is for web hosting, which are sometimes referred to as web farms.
Search is hosted entirely at the central site, either by the central farm or by a farm dedicated to hosting shared services.
by docmgmt August 30, 2008

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