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1.) One who brings happiness

2.) Trendy, Popular, Sexy, Smart, Manly, attrative, and in style will all define the essence of what a Farhan is. Farhan's are well respected and loved by all. Farhan is what men hate and what women want
Oh check out that Farhan is so fly, he blows my mind
by kareeem September 19, 2006
Also known as happy. Especially when it comes to having riches and wealth.
Many people aspire to own the wealth Farhan consumes. Farhan can also be
known as being a Rothschild, Rockefeller. Or the modern day Reserve.
"Omg i wish i was like that."
"like what?"
"You know all rich and stuff, you know a Farhan".
"Yes, don't we all"
by Craig McDonald November 27, 2013
Happy. Dotty. Zappy. One who keeps himself happy by making others around him happy. love-centric.
Bella: "I need a hug."

Kristen: "You need Farhan."
by paratha May 09, 2011