When a disgruntled employee makes a frappuccino, with the unfortunate addition of his/her (We don't discriminate) semen. Surprisingly, adds a light and delicious aftertaste on the consumers tongue*.

*Blatant lie, it tastes like dick milk.
Ricky makes a mean Fapuccino, but he won't give me the damn recipe!

Jessica drank five fapucinno's for a pound of cocaine. In hindsight, we really should have thought this through.
by PusLikeDischarge February 23, 2012
Top Definition
Blended white drink with special ingredients.
Me: "I served her a fapuccino last night. In bed."
by the. July 06, 2009
to have a quick masturbation session to wake oneself up
Where's jimmy? His toast is getting cold.
I think upstairs having a fapuccino
by kingbumii May 12, 2015
What one does to naked pictures of Al Pacino
I ordered such a large fapuccino when I watched Scarface.
by pokypanda September 10, 2011

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