Enjoying something so much that that you could almost masturbate.
This cake is so awesome it's faptabulous!
by AmbrociousXP July 02, 2011
Top Definition
faptabulous- a noun or adjective given to a woman because she looks good enough for a man to "commit spermicide."

Incredibly hot.
This girl is looking Faptabulous.
by D. July 20, 2004
Something that is so fabulous that causes spontaneous ejaculation in your pants, often followed by convulsions, screaming and or moaning.
Person:Your man boobs are so faptabulous
Fat guy: fuck off.
by Peice of paper October 28, 2014
Adj. Something that is deemed as being able to be masturbated to.
This leaked picture of Jennifer Lawrence is faptabulous
by freezydrag September 02, 2014
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