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A person who frequently faps.
That Marcus, he's such a fapster, his floors are all dirty and his carpets are stained.
by Ssilver7 September 24, 2005
someone who wanks (faps) a lot.
"dude your such a fapster, your floors are all dirty and the carpets are stained"
by fapFAPfap September 03, 2012
A person who has already fapped to the picture you just linked.
<nobody> random_picture_involving_dead_parrot.jpg
<derp> I'd fap to that
<fapster> already fapped that!
<derp> you're such fapster
by Bacon_Lover May 25, 2011
A fapster is a fapper and hipster; someone who loves nerd stuff but eats vegan and is way smarter/more intellectual than you.
That guy on the apple commercials, not the PC one, he seems like a real fapster.
by HotKarlito July 22, 2008