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A situation conducive to masturbation, that is to say, the perfect opportunity to pleasure oneself.
Archibald Crunk: Geez, I was so bored on Saturday. My room-mate was out of town, all of my friends were at the party, and there was nothing good on television.

Zedekiah Bigguns: Sounds like a perfect fapportunity to me, dawg.
by thewanderingjew22 February 09, 2012
The fapper's perfect time when nobody's home and is ready to fap
My mom and dad are going to work, this'll be the perfect fapportunity
by JerkCough January 15, 2012
The window of time in which one is afforded the chance to masturbate (fap). Feminine: fipportunity.
My roommate is going out for dinner and I have the place to myself. What a great fapportunity.
by shuamu May 12, 2016
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