Fap meets appetizer. When fapping (masturbating), a fappetizer is something, usually porn, that you fap over a little to get in the mood and build up your appetite for the main course, which will be whatever you finally ejaculate to. Word coined by Little Lord WTF? (WTFSexFacts)
Little Lord WTF?: "I fapped off to it a little. It was a fappetizer. The porn film I watched afterwards was the main course that satisfied my hunger."
by Little Lord WTF? November 15, 2010
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Something that you don't fap to, but is just arousing enough to get you ready to fap.
Zee: Have you ever watched one of those booty-shaking videos on YouTube? That's a fappetizer.
by xxcutyourhairxx March 14, 2010
n. The act of masturbating while eating a girl out before the main (inter)course.

A combination of appetizer and the verb fap(to masturbate).

Used as a noun in language*
*Bro 1: Hey, Bro 2. What are you doing tonight?
Bro 2: Going to the girlfriend's.

Bro 1: Nice. Don't forget to order a fappetizer.
by SPla2ki5 February 27, 2014

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