The act of ejaculating in a girls mouth, having her gargle it to simulate the look of whipped cream/steamed milk, and then having her swallow your load. This cannot be preceded with any form of sexual intercourse ocular, oral or otherwise hence the inclusion of "fap".
I gave that hot barista a nice fappachino right before her next shift, she wont forget that one!
by Dude A. Miester March 23, 2009
Top Definition
When you are done masturbating, the white creamy substance that comes out of the male genital (caused by fapping) that could be constituted to cover a popular Starbucks Coffee.
"Yo that chick has madd fappachino on her bed sheets."
by Samantha Kayy June 20, 2008
An early morning, wake-up wank.
My morning wood was rampant so I had to have a fappachino or I'd never have even gotten outta bed.

Classic Joe: late for work cuz he fell back to sleep after a fappachino!
by Thornbrow May 13, 2011
A sexual act in which a hand job is performed on or by a person of Chinese descent.
I got a fappachino from Ming Lee down at the massage parlor.
by Raviah January 23, 2012
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