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The place where a man keeps all his porn files on the computer. This is usually in the folder of a folder of a folder and the actual video is almost always under a different name to throw wanderers off.
Person#1: Hey, my sister was cleaning up files and deleted my favorite video.
Person#2: Shoulda put it in the fapcave.
by dontquoteme123 October 23, 2009

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An area where a perverted child goes to masturbate after hearing a sex tale from another person. Please note, this is not also for children, this also works for perverted adults.
Also, a Fap Cave has also been compared to a Man Cave, but covered in Jizz.
Adult 1: I fucked her so good, turns out, clit licking works best.
Adult 2: Told you.
Child: *runs to fap cave, you fill in the rest*
by RAPEISAYRAPE December 29, 2012