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The place where a man keeps all his porn files on the computer. This is usually in the folder of a folder of a folder and the actual video is almost always under a different name to throw wanderers off.
Person#1: Hey, my sister was cleaning up files and deleted my favorite video.
Person#2: Shoulda put it in the fapcave.
by dontquoteme123 October 23, 2009
Your favorite place to masturbate in peace. Your fortress of fap solitude.
What does Eric do all day?

Idk probably fap in his fap cave.
by Arnold palmer October 09, 2014
An area where a perverted child goes to masturbate after hearing a sex tale from another person. Please note, this is not also for children, this also works for perverted adults.
Also, a Fap Cave has also been compared to a Man Cave, but covered in Jizz.
Adult 1: I fucked her so good, turns out, clit licking works best.
Adult 2: Told you.
Child: *runs to fap cave, you fill in the rest*
by RAPEISAYRAPE December 29, 2012
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