The sharp decline in interest in porn, women, sex, etc. that a dude experiences immediately after cumming.
The tranny porn I got seemed really hot at the time, but I deleted it all in a wave of fapathy later.
by dirge23 September 12, 2009
Top Definition
A lack of desire to masturbate.
I have had fapathy for a while now. I haven't touched my penis in four days.
The study of fapping
I just studied fapathy, and there's way more ways to do it than I thought
by Charles Chilly September 13, 2007
When you don't care of have no opinion on a subject so much, you are adamant about it.

combination of focused and apathy, forming fapathy
eg, "I don't care about politics at all, but I hate Bush so much I will vote for whoever the other dick is"
by Matt Hayward (AUS) March 30, 2004
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