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The result of Masturbation exhaustion. Masturbation and then falling asleep.
Guy: Fap Fap Fap oh my goodness I am tired I need a nap.
Friend: How was ur FapNap?
by HippiBfree May 08, 2011
The nap you take after you get done stroking it.
Man I was exhausted after that marathon jerk...I had to take a fap nap.
by A teezy June 09, 2007
nap taken due to exhaustion following a session of furious masturbation
hey whats vinay up to?
im pretty sure he's taking a fapnap.
by imfromcanadpombe August 03, 2009
After self or mutual masturbation (fap), one takes a voluntary or accidental nap.
Sorry I'm late for the presentation of the Metropolitan Museum of Art's $6.9 million dollar addition for Modern Art and Media Communication, I had an awesome wank and really needed a fap nap.
by DeMoNYC October 15, 2010
A comfortable nap taken after excessive, intensive male masturbation.
Yeah, I'll tell Brian to call you after his fapnap. He's really tuckered out after bashed his candlestick for hours.
by Werkshop March 14, 2010
1. Telling your roommate you are going to take a nap, but then going in and jerking off instead.
D: Man I'm so tired right now, I gotta take a nap. <Closes door>

Q (roommate): Bull shit man I know you are just going to take a fap nap.

D: No dude I'm really tired fuck you!
by THE COUNTRY BUTCHER February 16, 2010