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Teh folder on your compy that you keep your pr0n in.
Little did Paul know, his mother logged onto his computer and discovered his fap folder while he was at summer camp. When he got home, he was banned from teh interwebz for 2 months. He got pwned by his mother AND had to delete 7 months worth of n00dz. Maybe this could have been avoided if we just put a password on his computer and not give his fap folders obvious titles such as "Sexy pr0nz" What a n00b! His ass sure got pwned!!1
by teh anon winrar January 25, 2009
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Fapfolder, a folder on your desktop computer or camera filled with pictures used mainly to masturbate on.
May include nudes and semi-nudes, but can also include pictures of people of interest fully dressed or even pictures of things unrelated to anything sexual.
Usually named something random or that won't draw any attention like 'Submap 12' or 'fhiwufhiwefh' to make it less awkward when people see your desktop.
Eric: 'Hey Joey, what is this map 'Submap 12' on your desktop?'
Joey: 'Euh, nothing'
Eric: 'Its your fapfolder, isn't it!'
by TheDerperInRL March 05, 2012
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