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A fake nap.
Dude A: "You lazy-ass, while you were taking a nap I was cleaning up the house!"

Dude B: "Oh I wasn't actually asleep, it was a fap, I was fapping."
by NightlifeCommando August 28, 2010
32 43
Frequent Abuse of the Penis
I FAP every second Wednsday of Every other week.
by Bulldozer17 February 07, 2010
19 31
F= flipping
A= a
P= pancake
I'm always fap.
by 24845 January 21, 2009
10 22
*fap* *fap* is an expression of love/like for a certain subject. It is meant to represent the sound a man makes when masturbating. Therefore when someone uses this phrase it implies they like something so much, they would masturbate and think about it
ohhh yes! the new series of Big Brother starts tonight *fap* *fap*
by tychard May 30, 2007
20 32
n. Faggot Ass Pumper. A derogatory term used to call a male homosexual or stupid.
Justin: Damn, he has a big ass.
Marcus: Don't be a F.A.P
by DragonRage123 April 17, 2011
4 17
FAP = Fingers and Palm....the parts of the hand used for masturbation.
the siight of that booty, caused johnny to instantly FAP
by dirtythirty30 October 17, 2011
12 27
A liquid-like, male reproductive substance.
Did you see 'Crispy' come out of the glory hole stall of the restroom, he was smiling and dripping head to toe in white gooey fap... How distasteful.
by FapMaster. February 16, 2011
4 19