1.The sound of skin touching skin. from masturbating, or sex.

2.The sound Jacky X.(asian common name in my opinion) makes in his room.
1. Thats the sound of Fap, that you hear in your brothers room at night
by Xianger March 08, 2009
go and fap you little heart out
Dude, I just fapped.
by ChurroKnight13 May 07, 2013
Something that guys who watch Key Of Awesome do with Lauren Francesca comes on the screen.
I was watching Key of Awesome and Lauren Francesca came on the screen. I just needed to fap.
by peepeekl November 03, 2010
used to describe people that you think are amazing.
Dude, you are one F.A.P.
by yiqi April 11, 2010
by LEEFAP April 02, 2009
Fat Above Pussy; The fat roll that sits below the stumach but above the pussy of larger girls...

Also called f.a.d. or fad for guys
That girl is gross, check out her f.a.p.
by Lgsedam September 09, 2007
*fap* *fap* is an expression of love/like for a certain subject. It is meant to represent the sound a man makes when masturbating. Therefore when someone uses this phrase it implies they like something so much, they would masturbate and think about it
ohhh yes! the new series of Big Brother starts tonight *fap* *fap*
by tychard May 30, 2007

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