The sound of a males foreskin when he wanks. *fap fap fap fap fap* for example.
*fap fap fap fap fap*
by Dankyboy March 17, 2016
The universal word for masturbation. Also known as jacking off. Done by scrunching, rubbing or pulling the male gentalia ( a.k.a your junk) to sexual thoughts, images, videos or actually a real woman in order to ejaculate ( a.k.a Blow your load)
Guy 1: What do you guys do when youre pissed?

Guy 2: I got running.

Guy 3: I go play Call of Duty.

Guy 4: I go fap to Porn.
by LayKay4Ever December 07, 2014
To masturbate furiously.

To verbally declare attraction to something.

A declaration of self-love chanted over and over by Genos.
by PAK CHOOIE UNF! May 09, 2003
''Forever Alone Pleasure''
dude im alone this christmas ill go fap all night
by MudingPakits April 03, 2016
Its when someone holds his dick and starts moving it up and down so it makes a sound like fap fap.
Yesterday I saw my brother fapping in his room.
by alisykes May 25, 2015
Fabulous and pretty of course!
Person 1: Wow that girl is so fap!
Person 2: I know right?
by Elbert Ainstein September 08, 2014
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