As a noun: The act of masturbation
Man I had a good fap last night.
by TheStu August 18, 2003
all out masturbation noises
my brother was in his room while all i could hear was *fap* *fap* *fap*
by ANDOR OWN DEM HOEZ February 03, 2012
Fabulous and pretty of course!
Person 1: Wow that girl is so fap!
Person 2: I know right?
by Elbert Ainstein September 08, 2014
Jerkin' it. Fap 'til you drap!
Gonna fap 'til I drap!
by Skatterplot April 16, 2013
To masturbate furiously.

To verbally declare attraction to something.

A declaration of self-love chanted over and over by Genos.
by PAK CHOOIE UNF! May 09, 2003
Forever Alone Pleasure
I FAP during shower cause i dont have a girlfriend
by eiy March 10, 2015
1.The sound of skin touching skin. from masturbating, or sex.

2.The sound Jacky X.(asian common name in my opinion) makes in his room.
1. Thats the sound of Fap, that you hear in your brothers room at night
by Xianger March 08, 2009

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