As a noun: The act of masturbation
Man I had a good fap last night.
by TheStu August 18, 2003
To "fiercely slap" someone who has wronged you or is just being annoying
This better not be a prank bro, I swear I will fap you in the face so hard!
by Keith_not_Kieth May 28, 2015
Another way of saying masturabtion
Maybe you've heard of:
Tickling the pickle
Choking the chicken
Jackie the beanstalk
Five knuckle shuffle
Beating the meat
Applying the handbrake
Busting a nut
Having a wank
Jerkin the Gurkan
Choking Charlie till he throws up
Taming the snake
Rubbing the genie's lamp
Checking for testicular cancer {GONE SEXUAL}
Cocking the rifle
"This is my rifle, this is my gun, this is for shooting, and this is for fun!"
Waving the wand
Launching the rocket
Stroking Johnny

These acts are often followed by the clearing of ones browser history.
Hey mate, I think my parents heard me having a fap...
The sound Spider-Man makes when he's shooting his web all over a criminal.
"Fap fap fap!!!!" "Haha, Dr. Octopus, that's the last time you'll try to use those faggoty limp dick metal protruberances on me, you fat fuck".
by Slick Dick Willie December 16, 2015
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