all out masturbation noises
my brother was in his room while all i could hear was *fap* *fap* *fap*
by ANDOR OWN DEM HOEZ February 03, 2012
As a noun: The act of masturbation
Man I had a good fap last night.
by TheStu August 18, 2003
To masturbate furiously.

To verbally declare attraction to something.

A declaration of self-love chanted over and over by Genos.
by PAK CHOOIE UNF! May 09, 2003
Acronym for Fast As Possible. This is used when you need something faster than A.S.A.P.

Where A.S.A.P. implies prioritizing the requested action along with competing priorities, F.A.P. means nothing else is as important. Its urgency is also communicated since the word itself can be uttered more quickly than A.S.A.P. because it is one syllable shorter.
The CEO is on his way to my office, I need those reports on my desk F.A.P.
by Lee T. Wilson May 23, 2014
Jerkin' it. Fap 'til you drap!
Gonna fap 'til I drap!
by Skatterplot April 16, 2013
abbreviation. Stands for Free And Personal. The ultimate definition of fapping; it cost nothing(Free), and you're usually by yourself(Personal).
I'm done doing for others; it's F.A.P. time.
by Altur-Goldenmean August 15, 2012
The sound of jacking off in japanese comics and in my self-drawn comics.
I just fapped so hard my dick is numb.
by TehDoomDude June 24, 2010

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