he pulls his dick all day long .. hemi the crazy kiwi
fap fap fap hemi goes
by sjrp dodson III September 04, 2003
Benni fapped off in a park while people walked by.

Benni faps off four times a day.

Benni has such loose foreskin that when he faps off, you can hear it in the next room.
by zubchowski August 02, 2006
To play with oneself (for females, this is shikking oneself)
My chemistry teacher faps himself to pics of Rush Limbaugh and Al Sharpton.
by RachetBoo March 30, 2003
FAP stands for www.findapix.com, a popular picture rating site, as well as a person's picture on www.findapix.com
1. Hey, I saw your FAP, you look nice.
2. Do you have FAP?
by kasparov March 13, 2004
Feehely's Ass Pizza, an up and coming pizza chain owned by a close friend. Famous for it's wide range of delectable toppings such as dingleberries or semen and served with their famous drink, Pink Period Juice.
I went to FAP last night and got a Dingleberry Lover's Supreme with a large PPJ.
by PuckeringHideo May 10, 2005
The onomatopoeic representation of male masturbation.
Often used to suggest that something is attractive.
It can also be used to suggest that something is cute, or that something tastes good, or simply that the person using the word greatly approves of whatever he/she (mostly he) says 'fap' to.
Kristin Kreuk... (¨(òó)¨(¬¬)¨) (^^) *fapfapfap*

Iiice creeeaammm /fap
by Nero-San April 27, 2006
To milk the tube steak for all it's worth.
I was fappin' to some NSYNC pics last night when I... wait, did I say NSYNC?
by Cow March 11, 2003

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