the act of whipping your balls onto someone else's body
yo guy i was fucking my gf and my balls fapped her ass till it turned red
by redweeezzzy May 27, 2009
when the word "fap" is used about a person, it can be used for:

1: A person who masturbates a lot, but doesn't have sex.

2: A person that really wants to loose his/her virginity.

3: A person who watches the more unnatural kind of pornography, or has weird fetishes.
He really wanted us to have sex, cause he faps a lot. He is such a fap.
by Kuumi August 01, 2010
FAP: Fair Access Policy (FAP) when you exceed the, facebook, WildBlue, HughesNet, quota for the amount of data that may be downloaded during a typical day. On the facebook site they give you a limited number of people that you may add in one day. You will receive a penalty for add more, " Invitations " than they allow. facebook limit is about 30, and it doesn't matter if these invitations are your Family members ! However the games facebook offers allows you to,
" SPAM " as many as your friends as possible. The question is does facebook really want people to connect,and if they do why the Limits ?
Hey, Man I've been FAP again by the Freaking FaceBook Commies !

Their not letting me get any more Face, cause I've been FAPed for adding to many invites !

I'm sitting in FAP limbo, they sent me a message to Chill out, cauz I'm adding to many friends !?!
by MagicLanternProductions March 21, 2010
The thing I do alot when I see Shana Hiatt on TV
*fap* *fap* *fap* *fap*
by ioka April 30, 2005
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