Acronym for FAT ASS PUSSY. FAP is also a descriptor for a really good pussy that belongs to a girl that is thick not fat but thick and has a good fucking personality.

Definition # 2

The anti-fupa movement also associated with guys and for that matter girls who can't stand bitch ass girls who have fooomotherfuckingpa regardless if they are skinny or not
Yo...did you see that

YEAH man....that girl had a smile between her legs

Yeah man lemme get some of that FAP

Yo what that mean


What that

Shit you can't get

Sucka you fuck WAP

What that...check the definition bitch

Example #2

Yo man my girl got fupa....


Yo girl better have FAP motherfucker

Were after that soul food not the gristle and fuck those atkins skinny ass bitches gimme some of that FAP BITCH....
by FoundingPop1 March 30, 2009
Top Definition
The onomatopoeic representation of masturbation. Often used to suggest that something is attractive.
Did you see those Natalie Portman pics? *fap fap fap*
by Anonymous L-Value October 11, 2002
The sound made when you jack off.
*Fap fap fap fap fap*
Fred: Hey, whats going on in there.
by Chase Redden January 25, 2008
A noise Justin Bieber can't make.
*justin bieber trying to fap*
Justin Bieber: Why isn't it working?!?!?
Amazing Person: Because you're gay and you don't have a dick
Belieber: Fuck you
Amazing Person: Die bitch die (shoots belieber)
by IkilledBieber September 25, 2010
The sound made during masturbation.
faps the way uuhhuh uuhuh i like it
by beefcleaver April 28, 2010
The noise that it makes when you masturbate
Ross says: yo what you do tonight
Smith says: meh i chilled with john and will, you?
Ross says: I think I broke my number of faps in one night
Smith says: wooooow, you have no life
by GymClassCreaper May 08, 2009
A sound effect for masturbation used often in japanese comics. Popularized in the english speaking world by the webcomic
The words "FAP FAP FAP" splashed across a comic panel in which mike is watching baywatch.
by ZenPsycho July 17, 2003
To masturbate (verb)
When SK is bored he likes to Fap (verb) over Taurens (noun)
by Danderson92 November 24, 2007
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