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Means porn pictures or regular hot pictures of a hot guy or girl thats worth masturbating to.
Girl: Hey I got my modelin pix.

Boy: DaYUM WOMAN! These fine pictures of you are fap worthy!
by anthone February 05, 2006
99 12
A person, place or thing worthy of masturbation.
I saw your mom yesterday, and I have to say... she is all kinds of fapworthy.

Your Lamborghini is totally fapworthy.
by Hollywood... October 24, 2007
82 11
Someone worthy of Masturbating to
Melly sure is Fapworthy!
by Graxzious1 January 26, 2013
3 3
To be sexually desirable to induced the need to masturbate.
She didn't need to undress, she was totally fapworthy
by Limba Woods December 16, 2013
0 2