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Semen. Thick, milky, viscous semen.
After having sex with the car exhaust, It was coated in my fap juice.
by eden5900 September 05, 2003
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That milky white stuff that your dong expels out after you're finished masturbating.
Ugh, I got fap juice EVERYWHERE.
by T3h Conquerer March 14, 2011
The very foul smelling, disgusting fluid that is unfortunately a product of nonstop female masturbation, also known as "Fapping." Fap Juice is most easily detected while temporarily sharing a home with an extremely nasty woman who has a fake online boyfriend,masturbates alot and never takes a shower.
Damn, it smells straight up like FAP JUICE in your sister's room! She must have been FAPPING ALL NIGHT LONG!
by BigCPizzle March 22, 2012
Any media that inspires the urge to masturbate.
That picture of Carmen Electra is fap juice and I want to ejaculate all over her face!
by yawgm8th February 11, 2005

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