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to be addicted to masturbation, usually aided by such visual stimulation as pornography or ponies, or peonies.
"Man, Chris is such a crappy fucking guy, his lazy eye creeps me out and his fap happy tendencies leave me bothered and concerned."
by Divisionbear May 15, 2009
one who proform's the act of masturbation to an obsessive extent
fred: man i hate that guy larry hes such a fap happy bag of cunts
by issaru0 February 08, 2009
1. to live in the moment of the day when you masturbate.
2. to get happy while thinkin about your jack off jamboree.
Hey man! what ya smilin about?
Just fap happy about that load im a gonna blow tonight
by Donald Trump's pubical hair December 18, 2015
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