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something that is extremely great...its better than fantastic and its almost extatic...the best word to describe something of great pleasure and fun
**worn out** BOY:Wow that was fantazmagorical!!..
**panting**GIRL:I know i give the best head
by Kym March 21, 2005
uber spiffy to the max; this word describes all of those things that are so awesome you can't put into words. well now you can!
fiveawesomegirls and fiveawesomeguys are like completely fantazmagorical

I think that Nerdfighters definatly has fantazmagoricalnesity!
by kaspir February 06, 2008
Meaning awesomness, or out of this world. Often used to explain something totally kewl.
Dude, that is so freakin' Fantazmagorical.
by Scorpio0 February 04, 2009
When something is as good as an orgazam of the mouth.
Hitting that @$#!@ from behind was fantazmagorical
by SquatchMoe November 25, 2003
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