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Football for people who are too old to play.
Damn i'm tired from walking a few steps. I know, I'll go play "FANTASY FOOTBALL"
by MonsieurSchnitzelKrump October 02, 2008
136 63
Dungeons and Dragons for meatheads.
Flash and Mongo settled for playing fantasy football after their lucrative career in the HSFL (See High School Football League).
by BaldBull September 10, 2007
470 121
The only sports whites can play better than blacks.
Fantasy Football, a true American pasttime.
by aldwardo October 15, 2006
373 248
A game that will drive you completely insane.
Turned me into a Cleveland Brown's fan.
Made me cheer for kickers.
Makes me spend 9 hours on NFL.com's Gamecast every Sunday
The reason the NFL is the number one sport in this country.
"Man I really want the Colts win today but I hope Peyton throws like 4 interceptions."

"Alright, so Torry Holt just caught a 60-yard touchdown, there's 10 points, but I have to deduct 4 from that because he scored against my defense and then deduct one more point because the guy I'm playing has Jeff Wilkins."

"Screw Fantasy Football, I'm not playing next year."
by Sciacca December 15, 2007
215 100
A game for grown men that makes them regress back to childhood wherein they will turn on their best friends, argue to the death about anything, and become lifeless shells of their former selves.
Rick: You hear Tim got divorced, lost his house, and got committed?

Rod: Fantasy Football dude ..... Fantasy Football
by JSchlong October 01, 2010
74 33
A way for individuals to become more invested in a sport that they do not play.
I almost jumped out the window when my computer wouldn't load my 'fantasy football' picks.
by Kneel Jung August 02, 2011
30 10