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Not to be confused with "phantasmagorium"
Fantasmagorium denotes:

1. A place, or "emporium" if you will, full of fantastic items or pleasurable activities.

2. Used sarcastically to describe a place that is not fun or excitng.

Note that it is usually followed by a one or two word description.

1. Dude, I can't believe you don't want to go to the fair, it's a fantasmagorium of sight and sound!

2. (sarc.) Yeah, right I would love to go to Jeffrey Bacon's house, it's a fantasmagorium of fun and excitement.
by like I need credit for this March 04, 2009
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It's a shop.
i have handcuffs from fantasmagoria, man.
by Fantasm-man August 07, 2009

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