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origin: Scottish
(from gaelic 'farnter' meaning flame-haired)
fanta pants refers to a true ginger minge, natural orange collar and cuffs.
"phoar, look at that hottie, she's a red-head, but d'ya think she's a fanta pants?"
by rosco pico April 06, 2004
One who's Pubic Hair is a similar colour to that of the popular Coca-Cola Softdrink by the same name.
Often a "Fanta Pants" also has red/ginger hair, this is generally the result of a genetic disorder known as Gingavitas
Hugh's Got Fanta Pants
by phinneusfog June 20, 2007
A female with ginger hair, whether or not her genital area has been shaved or waxed, is referred to with the affectionate term "fantapants"
Ginger haired girl enters the room.
"Hi fantapants"
by Gordon "Yeti" July 09, 2005
Fanta Pants refers to a person with bright orange or ginger hair.: referring to their pubes. A Moringe.
Check out Fanta Pants over there, that dude is bursting with excitement !
by ozelement October 12, 2010
The unfortunate disposition of being born genetically floored with "Fire-bush"!
"Gertie had the bushiest Fanta-Pant I've ever seen...

I thought i was eating coleslaw!"
by Santa-Pant August 06, 2009
a person whose natural hair colour is red
(Said to someone with red hair) "Good afternoon fanta pants"
by IvanaTinkle March 19, 2009
The birth defect of a male born with striking orange hair that is seen growing wildly all over his body including great masses on his genitals.
When born with Fantapants the carrier is often very insecure and often turns into an abuser of alcohol and the English language as well as trying to find faults with his friends and falsely blow them out of proportion to try make his gross and pitiful state a little more conspicuous to the disgusted onlooker.
by RJ007 July 23, 2009
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