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A fan who is so devoted and in awe of a celebrity, that even if that celebrity starts on the downhill slope of anorexia or bulimia, the fan will follow them. They will adopt bad eating habits and/or drug addictions just to be as skinny as that celebrity which they idolise so.
Anyone who's a Nicole Richie or Tara Reid fan is sure to become fanorexic soon!
by QJ87 April 26, 2008
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Fake anorexic / fan of anorexia. Aka someone who tries to act like they have a real problem to get attention and pity.
Can be used as both an adjective and a noun.
'Yo did you see Sydney skipping lunch these past few days ?'
'Yeah bro but trust me she's fine. She's only fanorexic.'
'Fake bitch..'

by QueenCxox December 12, 2008

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