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like fantastic but much cooler with much more emphasis. it must be pronounced with emphasis too. it is most commonly used in, but not limited to, the discussion of lady parts and/or lesbians.
The vicar of Dibley, Geraldine, said to Alice that shagging model Rachel Hunter would be 'fannytastic'.
by me old fruity November 06, 2006
something thats just sooo good its better than fantastic its FANNYTASTIC!
have u seen that subaru?
yeah its fannytastic!
by Oo Oo Oomonkeys June 12, 2004
an expression of great happiness
oh my god, that film was Fanny-Tastic!!!!!!!
by callum partay February 10, 2004
a word used instead of fantastic to show how FANNYtastic something was.
last night was so fannytastic!
i cant remember a thing!
by its_groot February 18, 2009
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