Slippy, slidy stuff to asssist in insertion up the pink run.
Her fanny batter assisted the insertion, but left a crust on my nose.
by jadio u no August 14, 2003
Top Definition
The lubricating fluid that is secreted, or in the more impressive cases actually squirted, from the vagina prior to, during and after sexual congress.
She comes so much I thought I was going to drown in her fannybatter.
by Cutaway August 17, 2004
lemon curd residue produced by the minge, the phrase has a distinctive ring to it and conjures great imagery. fanny batter is what coats fishy fingers.
while licking her out i nearly spewed from the over-powering stench of her fanny batter.
by Anders April 05, 2003
the thin crusty coating left on the cock after intercourse
after screwing that tart my cock was covered in fanny batter
by ross braun April 01, 2003
Build up of stale vaginal juices around the female sexual organ
by Terry boughton May 02, 2003
vaginal secretions prduced when a woman becomes sexually aroused...
i'm tellin ye man, she was wantin it bad - fanny-batter was flyin all over the room!!
by red wine bitch January 03, 2003
she cum, the juice of a lady, what makes a pussy nice and wet!
I fingered her pussy and she was wet with fanny batter
by Keithmeister May 14, 2003
The discharge commonly found within the vagina. Once aroused, the ammount of batter found therein is copious. Also known as lady gravy.
'The crotch of her panties was encrusted with fanny batter'.
by Olivess October 03, 2007
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