usually known as a fag bag but is also used for stupid ass annoying people
1: check out my tight ass fanny pack

2: colin you fucking fanny pack
by buttah May 10, 2006
When a woman takes it in both holes, thus packing it in both her British and American fannies.
While unfashionable, she always touted the usefulness of a good fanny pack once in a while.
by nalpwod April 17, 2008
The excess fat that hangs down from the stomach in the fashion of a "fanny pack."
Mike -Damn, she's a fuckin fatass!
Chris -Yeah bro, she's got a fuckin fanny pack!
by BlackMagic6011 April 01, 2007
Usually a bag which is worn over the vagina while in busy places aka London. Is just big enough to fit a big purse and sum cash in.
Guy " Wow your fanny pack rules"
Girl "Thanks, i know it does!"
by Sxc-Babe-Beth December 05, 2006
A good place to keep that wine cooler
Gay guys need purses too
by arrogant bastards r us May 27, 2005
a gay purse that is made for men so they don't look like queers carrying around a purse or pocket book
"did you see frank. he is wearing a fanny pack"

"yes he is such a queer"

"i know nobody wears a fanny back unless they are homosexual"

"yea its a sure way to tell"
by assengtwenty2 April 09, 2009
some people use this a spying device. they keep all of their spying materials in it such as creepy crawlers, string, virgin mary, the whole package, and of course they wear it around town while spying on square dancers. If you want to be in the club provide your own fanny pack.
Emily : "Kyle I love your fanny pack"
Kyle: "Thanks, wanna play statues in the front lawn"
Emily: "yea cool, maybe we can find a purpose for mary"
by emily cartier March 06, 2006

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