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word used on family guy on 9/24/05. used in the context as fanny bandit is the spanish word for homosexual. Peter, Joe, Cleveland, and Quagmire are stuck on an island, and decide to have an orgy. Long scene short they dont go through with is becuase they dont get "excited" then a ship pulls up and you hear.....
Cruise announcer: And if you look of the left side of the ship you'll see a bunch of homosexuals.

Cruise announcer (in Spanish): A la izquierdo del barco podemos ver los 'fanny bandits'
by TheRiscGroup October 10, 2005
Referring to Homosexuals
Announcer: "On the left of the ship, you can see a bunch of homosexuals. A la isquierda del barco pueden ver unos, 'fannybandits'". --Family Guy
by Richalex April 30, 2006
A word often used to describe a straight guy who acts exceptionally gay or feminine. Also a gay guy who is exceptionally open about their orientation and hits on every man he sees.
Wow, that new kid jim is a fanny bandit.
by Joanne Sandanno March 06, 2008
someone who has taken a particular liking to sodamy
girl: they're best friends, right?

boy: they're more than that... they're both fannybandits.
girl: ...
by forrizzlin in the hiz housee June 28, 2011
one who steals random womens asses and takes them home to use as pillows and/or a sex toys. the blood acts as a lube
guy: are those butt sculptures on your bed? wtf!
other guy: oh, theyre not sculptures, im a fannybandit
guy: ...
by axeman99 March 05, 2011
Often Discribing a Homosexual or Gay individual, often said to provoke arguements and is just another use of an insult.
Person 1: You are so poofy.
Person 2: Me poofy? you are the one that looks like a Fanny Bandit.
by Draknoss August 03, 2008
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