A rash on fanny's.

yellow cheese like discharge,
Fishy odour,
puss like sore's,

"Eep Ella, You have fanny rash"
"I know"
"Go to the gynocologyst!!"
by Wilomena June 17, 2006
Top Definition
A sore point for many women
Whats's red and hairy?
"Fanny rash"
Do you get it?
You get fanny rash? hahahahahaha
by Edward Lyne September 07, 2005
An irratable person (male or female) that only prescribed creams may get rid of
He/she is such a fanny rash: my girlfriends little sister is such a fanny rash a.b.i
by Dr Alpha Lee September 19, 2006
a fanny rash is a sore and red part around a girls fanny
y is yor fanny red its a rash can i touch it No!!!! it will bloody hurt
by jimty August 02, 2005
Saw or Tenderness around the vaginal region. Usaully red with raised weeping sores. Sometimes called gonhorrea.
"Ow" she screamed, "you poked my fanny rash!!"
by Scottow July 07, 2005
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