A fanny licker is also a name for a small dog that grannies buy when their husband has long passed away, this little pooch then takes on the roll the husband used to play (in the bedroom)ie: licking grannies minge!
Grandchild: are you lonely when you go to bed nan?
Grannie: no darling, I take my little fanny licker to bed these days, he's better than grandad!
by Shell555 January 03, 2007
Someone who is extremely dumb... and licks fannies.
You are such a fannylicker.
by Josh July 09, 2004
To be "sucking up" to someone which is met negatively by fellow individuals and brand you a fanny licker.
He was a right "fanny licker" with the boss today, to get a rise.
by RealRockNRollStar August 04, 2006

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