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A fanny licker is also a name for a small dog that grannies buy when their husband has long passed away, this little pooch then takes on the roll the husband used to play (in the bedroom)ie: licking grannies minge!
Grandchild: are you lonely when you go to bed nan?
Grannie: no darling, I take my little fanny licker to bed these days, he's better than grandad!
by Shell555 January 03, 2007
55 27
Someone who is extremely dumb... and licks fannies.
You are such a fannylicker.
by Josh July 09, 2004
9 2
To be "sucking up" to someone which is met negatively by fellow individuals and brand you a fanny licker.
He was a right "fanny licker" with the boss today, to get a rise.
by RealRockNRollStar August 04, 2006
13 43