Top Definition
Punani, Pussy, Foofoohuhu, Poontang, Beaver, Minge, Fanny (UK residents), Cunt,
Camel toe.
Her punani tasted awesome. The way she shaved her Foofoohuhu would make a gardener afraid for his job.
by bismark March 27, 2005
I would love to bury my face in her fanjita
by Fanjita Eater October 10, 2003
The female vagina, fanny,flange, minge, quim.
"I would like to kiss her fanjita."
by Marzipan March 26, 2003
piece of wet pussy
wet dripping female lips
by dave morgan September 13, 2003
lady-lips, vertical furburger, punnany
by Rekk55 July 18, 2003
Single or available female, opposite of manjita
"The beach was full of fanjita with their baps out"
by Patrick Bateman June 16, 2003
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