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Hardcore fans of the band Cobra Starship. Derived from the term "Fangs up!" Fangs up is kind of like Cobra Starship's "catch phrase" and is usually followed by a hand sign. The hand sign is holding out your hand and curving two fingers in front of it (to make it look like a cobra). Fangsters are NOT people who just like Cobra Starship because of MTV. And they are NOT people who only know one of their songs. Fangsters are people who actually don't like that Cobra Starship is becoming popular amongst other mainsteam artists.
1. Fangster for life.

2. Fangs up, cobrastyle!

3. Morgan is not a fangster because she only likes Guilty Pleasure and doesn't know any of the members of the band besides Gabe Saporta.

4. Emily is a fangster (and borderline stalker/fangirl) because she loved Cobra Starship before MTV even knew who they were.
by Fangs up Emily style June 19, 2008
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Fake Gangster. Someone who just trys to act like a gangster.
Person 1: Justin Bieber is such a fangster.

Person 2: I know, he thinks he's so cool!
Person 1: Just because he sags doesnt make him a gangster.
by MaMaforever December 05, 2010
Vampire Gangsters
drink blood
sharp teeth (grills)
only come out at night
epic swag
hittin up the clubs
... all the charateristics of a vampire and a gangster
Edward Cullen is not a Fangster. however, Eric's minions on True Blood have Fangster potential.
by Fickleloves June 02, 2010
1. People who travel really fast ( who like to fang it )
2. A word used in adoration-associated with a feeling when one is fanging ( travelling really fast )
1. Those fangsters were out of there within seconds
2. That chick was fangsters!
by R3 September 17, 2003

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