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A cobra starship fan, derrived from the term "fangs up", which is the symbol for cobra starship.
FANGSTA1: Did you buy Viva La Cobra! yet?
FANGSTA2: Obviously, I'm a fangsta!
by fobrboardieFTW November 12, 2007
A vampire also being a gangsta. (see gangsta.)
The count dracula that sold that gun was a fangsta.
by Maddie Palmer February 18, 2008
1.a person usually white who thinks hes a ganster but hes not and lives in a rich suburb or rural area.
2. A fake gangsta
There are many fangstas in hauppauge
by COTT PETERSON February 27, 2005
A fangsta is a female gansta.
Shes fangsta and i love her!
by Brock's_gurl September 26, 2005
a white person or in some cases a black person who acts gangster but is actually a pussy bitch who hides behind his mother.
Ja Rule is a fangsta from the Hamptons who moved to the City and bought baggy clothes and claims he kills people daily.
by BEN DOVER BITCH February 28, 2005
A gangster who is fabulous
ohh damm, she is so fangsta!
by werkbish March 31, 2015
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