A Strong Bad-ism; viciously, violently; a brutal and terrible way to be devoured by gelatinous monsters
Some people are being fangoriously devoured by a gelatinous monster.
by Vertigo September 08, 2003
similiar to what would be found in B-horror movie, i.e. blood, gore, hokey plot, poor special effects, etc. Derived from the horror fan magazine "Fangoria".
the killer onscreen fangoriously chopped up his victims
by nobody really September 08, 2003
Quickly, mercilessly, and with gusto.
Anne is being fangoriously digested by a gelatinous monster.
by Keta September 08, 2003
To eat something using fangs.
Some people are fangoriously eaten by gelatinous monsters.
by Detlef September 08, 2003
To be devoured in a similar manner to an ice cream sandwich.
Jen's legs were fangouriously devoured by an gelatinous monster
by Lee Anthony September 08, 2003
violently devoured by a gelatinous monster
Some people are being fangoriously devoured by a gelantinous monster.
by Dumpus September 29, 2003
Fangorious Fangus-gorus Gloriously fanged, this creature lives off the coast of New Jersey and digest the legs of children who venture in the water without flotation devices.
Fangoriously: To gloriously maim and digest the legs of children
by SeungTae September 13, 2003
by way of fang or canine tooth.
fangoriously devoured
by fatal September 12, 2003

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