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Noun: Fangirl.

A fangirl is a girl, normally in the age range of 12-19 that almost becomes obsessed with either a fictional character/actor/band to the extent that they maybe have posters of their desire on their walls, quote them constantly and rave about them to their friends. Fangirls tend to join together in groups to 'Fangirl' with others about the same interests and desires. This may take place through twitter or livejournal.

Verb: To Fangirl/Fangirling
When fangirls uncover a new fact/video etc. about/containing their desire, they may end up with increased body temperature, constant smiling and changing emotions, a loss of bodily control (Waving their arms around, jumping up and down) and squealing to convey their emotions. In severe cases, fainting may occur, for instance, if someone was to meet their desire such as a celebrity.
Two girls walk down the street. One of them (a fangirl) is on her phone when she sees that her favourite person, Ed Sheeran has tweeted about a new show.
Fangirl: OMG OMG OMG I CAN'T BELIEVE IT! AHHHH! (Jumping around, dancing down the road)
Girl: (Weakly smiles) Yeah.... That's great.
Fangirl: Can you believe it???!!!! OMG this is so great! SO GREAT!!
by TooWiseForWords May 08, 2013
verb- to squeal, scream, cry, weep, or hyperventilate when seeing a favorite famous person in a picture, in a video, in person, etc. usually occurs among the female community (fangirls) over attractive male actors/ singers.
fangirl (seeing Darren Criss's picture): OHHH MYYY GOOODDDD HEEE'SSS SOOO HOTTT!!!! I WANNA MARRY HIM SOOOOO BADDD!!!!!!
by Knee A. Barrel January 09, 2012
A Girl who worships certain bands (often untalented bands), celebrities/characters (douchebags such as Edward Cullen and the Jonas Brothers), TV Series and so forth. They're often extremely annoying and disrespectful of the opinions of others, especially if they oppose their own. They can be easily confused with Teenyboppers given their many similarities such as using low-quality cell phones often plastered with countless charms, stickers and such. Often times, they will persistently behave immaturely and never hesitate to promote whatever it is they love. I could go on about this for pages and pages but to put it shortly...Fangirls are fucking annoying!!
Scene: a calm, regular lunch period

Joe: So yeah, when's that homework due?

Robert: Lemme check *Robert pulls out his schedule* It's due at 4th period

Joe: 'Kay, sweet

*Chole (a fangirl) appears*

Chloe *to her friends*: OmmGZzZ ThE JOnaS BRothErs WEre IN CoNCeRT LASt NitEEe!!!!1!

Robert: Them friggin' fangirls are so annoying, along with that gay band they worship

Joe: So true man...

*Chloe approaches Robert and Joe*
Chloe: OMfGZoRZ!!! R U H8tIng ON ThE JOnAs BRotHeRs!!!!???!

Robert: Yeah, but that's just my opinion...If you don't like it, ignore it...just chill out

*Chloe and her friends annoy the living hell out of the two*
by The N00b that Pwns March 02, 2010
a girl that is obsessed with usually a anime manga character a rockstar or an actor they also write fanfiction and fanart.
fangirl:omg alexi laiho is mine hee hee.

me: DIE BITCH *punches in the face*
fangirl: *twich twich*
by hiamafeesh November 10, 2009
A girl who is addicted too books and the characters.
They dedicate there life on "fangirling" about it.
Nghi & Mia are such fangirls!

I love to fangirl on tumblr!
by The One Who Knows The Truth July 01, 2014
Obnoxious female fanatics. These obsessive and insufferable bitches will latch onto something for superficial and often stupid reasons and, much like leeches, will kill it slowly until it is uncool. They are easily spotted by their over-zealous dedication for a subject of pop-culture, self-described "nerdiness" and stupid t-shirts. Current victims of fangirl audiences are shows such as Doctor Who, Sherlock and Supernatural but they will soon will draw their attention to Game of Thrones or The Walking Dead
Fangirls are what killed Doctor Who.
by So-Called Person July 19, 2013
1. A resident of Fanatic Domain
*sees magazine stand*

Person 1: was that a Fangirl I heard?
Person 2: yeah, I think it might have come from Australia
by Why hello there, fandom June 26, 2014