Usually a girl between the ages of 10-20 you have an unnatural obsession with an anime character, video game character, singer, celebrity, ect. They are likely to squee, glomp, or huggle their said obsession.
Vergil Fangirl and proud!
Fangirl 1: Vergil from Devil May Cry 3 is SOOOO teh smex!
Fangirl 2: No! It's all about Nero!
Fangirl 3: They both suck! Vergil is friggin evil, andd Nero just replaced Dante! Dante is the GREATEST!
Fangirl 1&2: *jump Fangirl 3*
A typical Devil May Cry fangirl argument.
#fangirl #fangasm #fanboy #glomp #squee #huggle
by Vergilsdarkqueen666 June 28, 2009
A VERY scary girl that is hopelessly in love and obsessvive about a male charector (real OR not). They waste bandwith on many celebrity related sites by their excessive spamming and double posting. The write horrid fanfics about themselves marrying their obsession and having lots of kids. Their vocabulary has yet to expand from OMG,hawt,hot,like,awesome,love,marry,SQEE and kiss.
me: Hi!
fangirl: Do you like orlando bloom? OMG he is so hawt! I am gonna marry him and have 30 kids!
me: okay... (runs away)
by guest drone #89 December 10, 2004
A fangirl is a girl who is an annoying fan to something and/or somebody. They act in an exaggerate manner. A great example is how Ino and Sakura are to Sasuke from the anime Naruto.
Fangirl: I wuv him! I want to marry him! He's sooo cute!! ^^ *glomps*
#naruto #sakura #ino #sasuke #anime #glomp
by Lala Yamada November 23, 2007
Noun: Fangirl.

A fangirl is a girl, normally in the age range of 12-19 that almost becomes obsessed with either a fictional character/actor/band to the extent that they maybe have posters of their desire on their walls, quote them constantly and rave about them to their friends. Fangirls tend to join together in groups to 'Fangirl' with others about the same interests and desires. This may take place through twitter or livejournal.

Verb: To Fangirl/Fangirling
When fangirls uncover a new fact/video etc. about/containing their desire, they may end up with increased body temperature, constant smiling and changing emotions, a loss of bodily control (Waving their arms around, jumping up and down) and squealing to convey their emotions. In severe cases, fainting may occur, for instance, if someone was to meet their desire such as a celebrity.
Two girls walk down the street. One of them (a fangirl) is on her phone when she sees that her favourite person, Ed Sheeran has tweeted about a new show.
Fangirl: OMG OMG OMG I CAN'T BELIEVE IT! AHHHH! (Jumping around, dancing down the road)
Girl: (Weakly smiles) Yeah.... That's great.
Fangirl: Can you believe it???!!!! OMG this is so great! SO GREAT!!
#fangirling #symptoms #fangirl #obsessed #desires
by TooWiseForWords May 08, 2013
verb- to squeal, scream, cry, weep, or hyperventilate when seeing a favorite famous person in a picture, in a video, in person, etc. usually occurs among the female community (fangirls) over attractive male actors/ singers.
fangirl (seeing Darren Criss's picture): OHHH MYYY GOOODDDD HEEE'SSS SOOO HOTTT!!!! I WANNA MARRY HIM SOOOOO BADDD!!!!!!
#fan girl #fan girling #crush #hot #supermegafoxyawesomehot
by Knee A. Barrel January 09, 2012
little airheaded teens that obsess over unsubstantial stuff ranging from flashy clothing lines to cheap fanfiction to gay male celebs.
fangirl1: OMFG!!!!!!!111 JOE JONAS IS HAWT!!!!!!11
fangirl2: totally..... <3<3<3
fangirl3: back of girls, hez mine!!!!

fangirl1: have u read twilight??? isnt it so beautifully romanttic?????
fangirl2: ooh yes....smeyer is a genius
fangirl1: lyk, did u knw there r twihaters out there???
fangirl2: OMEC OMEC whtz wrong wid dem??? i'll get my vamps to kill them!!!!
#teenyboppa #wannabe #spoilt #bitch #slut
by crazinessrocks September 01, 2010
Really, a depressing stage in a female's life. This is a person who will get crazy over (insert name here*) and will do anything to get closer to them, including stealing hair, stalking, tatoos all over the body, a shrine, suicide, bulemia, cutting themselves, copying fashion, etc.

In acuality, fangirls hang so close to their obession in hopes of being rewarded by sex. (I'm not kidding).

P2: Bitch, stop cutting yourself and get some senses, he will never sleep with you. He lacks a penis anyway.
#fangirl #obsessed #justin beiber #crazy #medical help #whore.
by Whatwjatwhay April 13, 2010
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