A girl and/or woman who is obsessed with a man in which they can never have. Most of the time this is with fictional characters such as Ikuto Tsukiyomi from Shugo Chara or such as L Lawliet from Death Note, although there are times when girls obsess over celebrities, such as Justin Bieber. However, there are a select handful of girls who's favorite anime character/actor is a man, but isn't necessarily a "fangirl", such as myself.
(Ex 1: celebrity fangirl)

Callie: OMGosh! Justin Bieber is sooooooo cute!!!! I MUST marry him!!

Merlee: -_-; Stupid fangirl

(Ex 2: Fictional Character Fangirl)


Merlee: You do know he's a 2-d character, right?

Dalila: .... So?!!? He's still sexy!!

(Ex 3: The difference between a fan, and a fangirl. Fictional Characters)

Merlee: Ikuto is my favorite character in Shugo Chara. He's

sarcastic and whatnot.

Dalila: OMG He's sexy!!!

(Ex 4: The difference between a fan, and a fangirl. Celebrities)

Merlee: I kind of like Justin Bieber's song One Less Lonely Girl. It's catchy.

Callie: And he's hot!
by Merlumina Wishine February 21, 2010
A female (Woman or Girl) usually between the ages of 10-20, that has taken a liking to a certain male character in a TV Show, Movie, or more commonly, Anime and Manga. This "type" of female is WIDELY misunderstood as being a murderous type of people who will rest at absolutely, positively NOTHING to be the ONLY one with this fictional character/celebrity. They are "known" to write horrible fanfiction, wear shirts and logos of said obessesion, cosplay a lot, and be very unattractive, girly, Terrible spelling and grammar, and an otaku (Japanese person obbessesed with computers and has no social life).

That is a *huge* misconception. There are, yes, many fangirls that give us bad names. Fangirls can be girls who yes, have an obessesion for said person/thing. They consist of watching youtube videos consisting of said person/thing, wearing T-shirts of said obessesion, normal, cosplay sometimes, writing some fanfiction/roleplaying, and read/re-read/watch/re-watch said obbession.
"Rabid" (Out of control, "bad") Fangirl- "OMG/OH MY GOSH I LVE/LOVE ____(Celebrity/Fictional Character)____!!!!!!!!!!!!! I WILL MARRY HIM!!!! HE'S MINE!!! HE'S SOOOOOOOOOOOO HOT!!!!!!"

Regular Fangirl- "Man he's awesome! He's so cool! LoL FANGIRL MOMENT! XDDD"
by AnimeFangirl_Got-A-Problem? February 18, 2010
There are several versions of the word:
1. a female fan who is sickeningly, overly-obsessed with someone/something (esp. related to geekdom and anime). Said fangirl also tends to write fanfiction

This definition is one sided since "fanboy" means "A passionate fan of various elements of geek culture (e.g. sci-fi, comics, Star Wars, video games, anime, hobbits, Magic: the Gathering, etc.), but who lets his passion override social graces." - Paul Horn

2. A passionate fan of various elements of geek culture (e.g. sci-fi, comics, Star Wars, video games, anime, hobbits, Magic: the Gathering, etc.), but who lets her passion override social graces.

This is a more balanced term that makes more sense to use
1)Fangirl: OMG! NaruSasu ftw ^_^

2)Fangirl: Every game Valve has ever released has been awesome! Sega can die in a hole! >:O
by TusMadres May 29, 2010
A girl who's so obsessed with a certain famous person she goes out and buys their favourite movies and takes up listening to music they like. In some cases, if she likes a reality TV contestant and they sang a particular song on a certain week, she goes out and buys that artist's music
The fangirl loves Asher Monroe so much that when she found out his favourite films, she went out and bought them herself
by younghomie March 30, 2012
Any female fan of Fang from Maximum Ride by James Patterson. I f you don't know what Maximum Ride is then I don't like you that much :P
FANGirl "Fang is soooooo hot"
Normal girl "Not really"
FANGirl "I hate you!!!!"
by edwardnfang4ever February 08, 2010
Ever watched TRL when N*Sync or BSB or God only knows who else came on? And all those screaming, squealing, crying girls would stand outside in -20 degree weather in skimpy wedding dresses with signs that said "MARRY ME JUSTIN!!!!!!!!! I <3 YOU!!!!!!"?

Fangirls should not be allowed to breed.
!!!!!!! insert banshee like screams and squeals here WE RE GONS 2 GET MSRRIED N HAVE LOTS N LOTS N LOTD OF CHILDRNEN!!!!!! I <3 ASUKIWANATAKIMUSHO LOLOLOL ^________^ S0ULMATYES 4 LYFE!
by ky January 12, 2005
Known to be the deadliest breed of humans. During summer time they are known to become nocturnal. They spend their time on tumblr reblogging, shipping, promo-ing. ect. They survive mostly off of pizza, nutella, and pictures of hot boys. Fangirls are very rare to see out in the daylight.
"Kiera is such a fangirl over One Direction!"
by DatBeastGurrl678 June 28, 2012

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