1. a girl who is a fan of a anime/video game/book charatcher. Or a fan or a real actor/singer.

2. There are three types of Fangirl:


These are the type of fangirl i can actully stand. Has a slight obcession with the object of her desire. Reads fanfics about her chosen desire. Has about ten posters of her desire. Knows he is a fabrication (applies to anime/video games). Is literate.


A slight step up from the Normal Fangirl phase. Is aged between 12-17 yearr old. Has a Livejournal and is in no less than ten communites deticacted to the object of her desire. Writes shitty fanficton (all fanficton is shit). Sqees ALOT.
Uses those gay anime emoctions such as ^_^). Cosplays. Is seen at stores like Barnes and Noble (In America) and in Oxford Street (where i live, in the UK). Draws shitty fanart. Avoid.


This is the ultimate form of Fangirl. If you diss the object of her desire, you are doomed to a lifetime of grammar murderings. Has a Livejournal/devinart/Myspace/xanga account. Is seen at Gaia Online and Neopets FC (about 70% of the FC are on this stage already) Has about 1000000000 posters dedicated to her object. Has the entire mercenside line devoted to her desire. Creates and joins Fanlistings. writes and reads shitty yaoi fanfiction. It created FranzxAlbert. Your worst nightmare.
Normal Fangirl: I like Itachi, hes hot.
Rabid Fangirl: NOOOOO!!! ITACHI IS MINE BITCH!!!!!
Uber Fangirl: OMG!!!!!!!! ITACHI IZ MEH FURTOOR HUSBAND!!!!! LYKE WE IZ GUNNA MARRY AND HAVE 10000000000 BEBIES!!^_________________^::::: HE IZ MINE BICHTESEE!!!!!
by malik_of_darkness July 01, 2006
1 - Girls who are fanatical about a particular person, group of people, or idea.
The rock star was flooded with fangirls
by Duncle December 30, 2004
1. A fan of something (female) who is obsessed with the said subject to a certain degree (normally unhealthy).

2. A general term for a female fan of something.

A fangirl is a (female) fan of a character from a movie, anime, video game, etc. or a real life actor or singer. Usually they have an obsession with their "idol" and do various activities to show their love for the said idol. Such activities include ranting about them, making shrines or fanlistings, creating graphics (wallpapers, layouts, etc) that feature the "idol", writing fanfics and making fanart. Some also make plushies or collect posters and other merchandise of their beloved idol.

Usually, members of this label are seen as 1) insane; 2) idiotic; or 3) scary.

However, not all fangirls are like this. Quite a few of them are just an average fan of something, and just call themselves such. But, there are three types of commonly seen fangirls:


This fangirl is the least likely to cause chaos or mayhem, insult or annoy someone else who is not a fangirl (or boy, if they happen to be male). They admit that they have a slight obsession for something/one, and are mature about it. While they might use smilies (XD, XP, ^_^) and occasionally rant, they try not to go overboard about it.


This fangirl is the most commonly seen fangirl across the Internet, and are generally harmless. They are prone to making shrines, annoying people with their "fantasies" of meeting or marrying their idol, bad grammar, and just being immature about the object of their obsession/affection. Many of these also write fanfics, causing such places as fanfiction.net to be cluttered with stories that could use a good editing and rewriting all together. Another common trait about them is their tendency to rant, be easily insulted, and excessively "glomp", squeal and use chat speak in places where it is not appropriate.


This fangirl is above the previous fangirl, and has thus let her obsession go beyond healthy levels. They tend to rant a lot more than other fangirls, and are more easily to insult or anger if you tell them that their "idol" is just a two-dimensional character, or someone whom they will most likely never meet. Their fantasies go beyond the fantasies of the "average" fangirl, along with all of their other tendencies. These are the fangirls most dislike and tend to stay away from due to their ability to easily annoy others, and their high levels of immaturity.
Below Average Fangirl: "I like Jack Sparrow a lot - he is just such a cool character! Look at the wallpaper I made featuring a picture of him! What do you think? :D"

Average Fangirl: "I <3 Jack Sparrow! *glomps him* He's so awesome! OMG, you all should like him too! XD"

Above Average Fangirl: "I luv Jack Sparrow sooooo much! We r going 2 get married! I LUV HIM SOOOO MUCH! Stay away! He is mine!"
by LupinDrake May 29, 2007
Female fan of a movie, TV show, book, or other medium;
usually a hard core fan of a particular character or ship which they will usually refer to as their OTP or 'one true pairing';
often found on blogs, squeeing over canon relationships, non-canon relationships, UST, or even AU plots or crack dealing with their fandom;
often found reading or writing fanfic;
can be supporters of het pairings, slash pairings, femslash pairings, or OT3s;
often spend time collecting pictures and making fanart;
often are also involved in vidding or making fan music videos (see also fanvid, vid).
I try to closet my inner fangirl in public, but sometimes I can't help but let it SQUEE!

I'm so excited for the convention! It's going to be a whole room full of fangirls on overdrive.

"OMG seriously, who needs alternative energy? Just hook up A/R fangirls to some kind of battery and we can power the whole planet for as long as we get new A/R promo pics."
by slave4roslin May 04, 2008
An overly obsessive female. When referring to anime, one is usually obsessed with bishounens such as Inuyasha, Sasuke, or anyone from Saiyuki. The typical fangirl cry is, "SQUEE!!!". Fangirls are also equivalent of stalkers and many are shot on the spot when seen.
AAAAH!!! Inuyasha! SQUEEE!!!!!!!!! *glomps* I LUV INUYASHA an u all should tooo!! X3!!!!!!
by Shasi July 04, 2004
A girl whom has a intense interest or obsession with a certain person, or character, whether in fiction or reality.

It can be a 'epidemic' victimizing those of ALL ages. And often cannot be helped..

This can go from mild fangirl tendency of knowing their profile, joining fansites/news sites, having pictures and watching/reading/listening to everything by themm

to the extremes of overpossessiveness and jealousy of their chosen fangirling whom may have a outside life (aka a girlfriend etc)Also these fans can become so interested by their celebrities as to stalk them in reality or bash other celebrities around their 'chosen one'...
though by the time stalking becomes a common time..the fineline between a fangirl and a stalker is crossed..

this is not a derogatory term...there are many obsessions/hobbies all over the world. Fangirling is just any other interesting out there..

And contrary to popular belief, fangirls do have lives outside of their celebrity interest *rolls eyes*
Normal Fangirling
= files of music/pictures/shows/books from the person of interest on their computer or in their room
=keeping up with the latest news on their celebrity interest
= being aware of their obsessive nature

Extreme Fangirling
= Kame and the Yarakashi incident (google)
= "No you can't like him he is mine!!"
by MysteryMeat August 15, 2007
A girl who is extremely obsessed with anime and/or manga. Fan girls travel in packs and one can always spot them, for they are loud and obnoxious. Stay clear of fan girls when they are on the move because one can most likely get seriously hurt or trampled. Although annoying, fan girls make the best lovers.
Oh no! Look out for those fan girls!
by Raito October 28, 2007
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